Thursday 25 June 2020

Fraser River Flooding

    I woke up to hear the Robson Valley mentioned during the provincial news on the radio.  They announced that 70 households along the Dore River had been put on “Evacuation Alert” due to flooding.  Shortly thereafter I got a call from Glen, a neighbor who is on our waterline.  He said that our water had stopped, so we hiked up to Sunbeam Falls to see what we could do.  The water was tumbling down the falls with such force that it was too dangerous for us to do much of anything.  
    We were able to clear some of the rocks off of the grid on the top of our culvert and to raise the water gate to try to flush out the culvert, but that was all.  That did give us a bit of a trickle of water at home, but it is pretty murky looking.  We will have to wait until the flow diminishes before we can really do anything.
    This afternoon we went to do our walk at Horseshoe Lake Road, but the road is closed due to the rising water.  Water was flowing over the road and the picnic area was flooded.

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