Monday 8 June 2020

Siberian Iris

    I was happy the other day to discover that my Siberian Iris were blooming again.  A friend had given me the plant decades ago and I had planted it in a moist area by the pond.  Over the years, as a nearby young spruce tree grew, there was less and less sunlight available to the iris.  While the plant stayed alive, it stopped blooming.
    A few years ago, in an attempt to get it to bloom again, I dug it up and moved it to an area beside the pond that received more sunlight.  Last year I had hopes that it would show it’s appreciation for it’s new location by blooming, but it didn’t. 
    I guess it took longer than I expected for it to get readjusted to its new home, but this year the blooms have appeared.
    Siberian Iris are taller and more slender than other iris I have seen.  I really love it’s yellow, tiger-striped portion of the pedal.

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