Sunday 14 June 2020

Rain To Make the Jungle Grow

    I have been thinking that it was starting to get a bit dry and that we could use some rain.  Well, the rain came, and now I am begging for a truce.  Because we have a rather short growing season, once things start to grow, they explode and once the explode I have to scramble around like a mad-man trying to stay on top of things.  All this rain will amplify the growth explosion.
    A couple of days ago I noticed how tall the grass in the paddock was getting, and thought I should make time to cut cut for mulch in the garden.  I didn’t, and now the heavy rainfall has knocked huge swaths of it down, which will make it more difficult to cut.  The garden which was pretty much under control will now erupt in weeds and I suspect I will soon lose control over the weeds.
    The photo above show the hostas in our jungle-like foliage garden.  Below from the same garden, is a Giant Allium bloom.

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