Wednesday 24 June 2020

Fraser River Rising

    Above is a photo of our “marker” tree that grows beside the road.  During the late summer when the river is low, it sits about 90 yards (80m) across a beach to the water, but during the spring when all of the snow on the mountains start to melt the water level rises quite a bit.  Whenever the water level gets up to the base of the tree, we start paying attention to it.  The water will have to go up another 4 feet (1.2 meters) before it gets to the road.
    You can also see the high water at Koeneman Park on the trail beside the highway bridge (photo below).  Water is also starting to encroach onto some of the low lying fields.   I always that the flooding increases the likelihood of a mosquito population explosion, and they are already an irritant. 
    The rise in the water seems a couple of weeks late this year. 

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