Sunday 7 June 2020

Weeding the Garlic

    We can’t grow garlic in our garden, because many years ago we inadvertently, imported a disease called “white rot” into our soil by planting some garlic we had bought on Vancouver Island.  Since then all the garlic and onions we plant in the garden, rots.  We use a lot of garlic in our cooking and luckily our friends the Milnes have allowed us to plant garlic in their garden. 
    A week or so ago, we took a look at our crop, and I saw that it needed weeding, then I promptly forgot about it.  Last year I forgot about it until later in the year and the weeds had gotten way too big.  Yesterday afternoon I did finally remember about it, so we drove over to Milnes and I spent an hour weeding our garlic.  The photo shows the bed after I had weeded a quarter of it.  
    As a child my sister and I often had to spend time in the hot humid afternoon sun weeding the garden.  It was something I hated, and secretly vowed never to have a garden.  The vow of course was broken, but now I don’t mind weeding, it is a mindless job, and needs to be done.  As it turned out yesterday wasn’t the best day to do the weeding.  The mosquitoes were horrible which drove me crazy, but I got the job done, which allows me to check it off the “To Do” list until later in the summer.

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