Wednesday 10 June 2020

Spaced-Out Jam Reunion

    One of the things I have missed most during this Covid-19 pandemic is not being able to meet and play music with our Tuesday Night Jam.  It has been three long months of musical drought.  I have been trying to play a song or two every day on my own, but that is not as much fun as playing with a group of other people.
    Since things have begun to open up a bit, I thought I might try to get the group together again; outside and while maintaining social distance.  The problem was finding a place outside with electricity.  I made an inquiry with the Village about using the pavilion in the park, but that didn’t work out.  Fortunately, someone heard of our plight and came to our rescue with some suggestions, one of which worked out.  We were able to make arrangements about using the porch on McBride’s Train Station.  It had power and a roof over our head in case of bad weather.
    Since yesterday was our regular jam night, I scrambled to get the word out to our musicians, but with only 6 hours notice, we only had five who were able to show up, but we had fun nevertheless.   The playing conditions were not great for our reunion performance.
    There was a chilly blustery wind blowing, which made the 14C (57F) temperature feel rather cool.  I ended up putting my hat on and others wore their jackets.  Luckily Norma had brought some clothes pegs, so we were able to clamp the pages of our song book to avoid the wind from turning the page mid-song.
    It was noticeable that the weather did have an influence on our song choices.  We played “Behind the Clouds (the Sun is shining), “Storms Never Last”, and “You Are My Sunshine”, all trying to invoke a change in Mother Nature about the weather conditions.
    We played from 6:00 to 8:00 since we outside.  By the time we finished I think everyone was a bit chilled and it felt good to get into a warm car to drive home, but I was sure happy we were able to start up playing again.
    We will do it again next week at the same time, hopefully with more benign weather conditions.

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  1. I didn't read the post yet , just saw the photo and the title guys ROCK to speak. Good on ya! Common sense and intuition prevail!