Friday 6 December 2019

Valuable Newspapers

    This time of year we need newspapers every morning to start the fire in our wood stove.  In the past getting newspapers was not much of a problem.  The library always had old ones to give us, and other friends who got the Prince George paper saved them, plus we received the two local weekly newspapers.  Now however the newspaper industry has fallen on really hard times; the daily Prince George paper no longer exists, and locally we are down to one small weekly paper, so we find ourselves burning through more newspapers than we can collect.
    Fortunately, one of our friends who had been to Banff, happened upon a pile of newspapers at their recycling center, and remembering our problem, grabbed them and brought them back to McBride for us.  It was a total surprise, when Al came up to me after our jam and handed me the stack of papers he had gotten for us.  It was a much appreciated gesture, and we are already putting them to good use.

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  1. Sometimes it takes the smallest things and a friend thinking of us to make our day!