Tuesday 31 December 2019

Last Day of 2019

    On this last day of the year everyone on the Media is filling the airwaves looking back at 2019, so I thought I would put my two cents in.  Worldwide 2019 has been a disaster with Mother Nature demonstrating Her displeasure at what humankind is destroying.  Politically, countries around the world are increasingly being ruled with uncaring right-wing bullies who thumb their noses at the natural world, human rights, honesty and compassion.  
    Locally things were better, despite the wettest summer and fall I can remember.  On the personal side 2019 was the year we got our new dog Lexi.  She was a rescue dog that originally lived in a First Nation’s Reserve in Saskatchewan.  Despite her old age (7-10), Lexi is full of contagious energy and has brought a lot of joy and love into our home.
    I hope for the best for all of you in 2020.

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