Tuesday 24 December 2019

Lawrence of Arabia

    I had an opportunity to re-visit the movie Lawrence of Arabia, and was again amazed at the epic spectacle of the film.  I guess the first thing that struck me was just how beautifully it was filmed.  The stark desert landscapes were spectacular, and I was in awe at just how much trouble and money the producers must have gone through to come up with such a film.  
    To see the thousands of actors riding across the desolate topography was mind-blowing, and must have been a nightmare to film.  The music too was powerful.
    T.E. Lawrence lived an extraordinary life and the film not only covered his part in World War I, but also touched on the historical missteps in the Middle East that are still causing the world so much trouble today (the jealous tribal factions of the Arabs and the scheming and betrayal of the Arabs by England). 
    Re-watching “Lawrence” also awakened some personal memories for me.  Because I have a birthday very late in the year, all of my classmates had their driver’s license before I finally turned 16 and could get mine.  Once I had it I could finally go out on a date with my girlfriend at that time.  I loved movies and didn’t know anything about Lawrence of Arabia which had just opened at a local theatre.  
    Got to drive our family’s 1961 station wagon, pick up my girl friend and drive to the Ross Theater for that first date where we watched the Lawrence of Arabia epic.   It was an enjoyable experience to watch it then, and it was good to see it again a couple of days ago.

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  1. I've heard of the Ross . I remember going to, I think the Victory to see Tommy and we went to a drive in, don't remember the movies though. In Evansville.