Wednesday 18 December 2019

Pioneer Horse Logging

    Local photographer Matthew Wheeler enlarged this old photo of winter logging, which now adorns the side of the Elk’s Hall in McBride.  I have always found it fascinating to look into the faces of these now deceased forest workers, all bundled up for long days of cold labor, and wonder what it was like to spend long days out among the snow laden trees horse logging.  I am always surprised at how many people it took to do the work.
    During my time working for the BC Forest Service I did spend many a winter’s day out in the forests, but usually just checking on things rather than doing hard physical work, but it does give me some sense of what it is like to spend winter days far from civilization, surrounded by snowy trees.
    While I have driven past this image many times, yesterday with the snow on the ground, the old photo  seemed more relevant.

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