Sunday, 1 May 2016

McBride Votes "Yes" to Library

    The first building you see upon entering McBride, is this beautiful structure in the photo.  Unfortunately for many years now it has sat empty, with a large “For Sale” sign to greet all who come down Main Street.  For several years now the McBride Library and the Museum Society has been trying to get the building to replace the aging and expensive-to-maintain building they are housed in.  
    Opposition by the previous mayor and council, prevented the library from getting grants, but luckily they were replaced in the last election and a more supportive new mayor and council took their place.  A determined group of locals kept working toward the goal, raising funds through donations, dinners, entertainment events, and even plant sales, but of course in such a small community not enough money could be raised in a timely fashion so a loan was needed.  Yesterday there was a referendum to see if taxpayers would support some extra taxes for the new library and museum building, and this morning we learned that the vote was “Yes”.
    I don’t know the timeline for when the library will move in, a lot of interior redesigning must be done first, but a lot of local people are relieved that we are over this first big hurdle.

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