Monday, 9 May 2016

Old Clothes

    No one has ever accused me of being a “clothes horse”, and there is a really good reason for that.  I trend toward comfort rather than fashion, and I hate to throw out anything that can still be used.  The result is a wardrobe of clothes that are often decades old.  
    I realized that the other day when I took off the long sleeved T-shirt I sleep in.  That is it in the photo above.  Back in the mid-1980’s, I used to sell T-shirts with logo’s I designed.  This particular shirt is one  I designed from the “Yellowhead Loppet”, a cross country ski race.  As you can see the shirt is on the verge of disintegration, and I guess when all the holes join together and the arms of the shirt tear loose I will discard it.
    This morning when I went out for my walk around the pond with Skye, I wore the green fleece jacket with the broken zipper pull.  It originally belonged to my father, and I inherited it when he died in 1999.  The shirt that I am wearing beneath the jacket is a BC Forest Service shirt that I got in the early 1990’s.    
    As I hung up the fleece I noticed my short denim jacket, which my family always called a “milking jacket”.  It is one that I wore in my hippie-dippy days and is a relic of the early 1970’s.  Note the Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club patch I had sewed on it’s pocket.
    Don’t get me wrong, I still do occasionally buy clothes--socks, underwear, jeans, and the odd shirt, but here in the rural interior of BC, there is really no reason to keep up with the latest runway fashions, so I will just keep wearing the old clothes I have, until they wear out.

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