Saturday 7 May 2016

Preparing For Winter

    Winter is such a dominant season around here, that I never really stop thinking about it.  Even though spring has just started getting into gear, yesterday I headed out to get some firewood for the winter.  I always feel like the ant in the Ant and the Grasshopper story--always at work preparing for the future.
    To get firewood, I drive out to a out to a “cutblock” (a logged out area) and look around for trees that were cut down and left behind or that have since blown down.  Yesterday I was fortunate to find a nice birch that had blown down (that’s it in the foreground of the photo).  It was easy cutting, and the only hard part about the operation was carrying the heavy sawn pieces to the truck.
    After all these decades of living in BC, I still can’t visit a cutblock without shaking my head at all the waste that is left behind.  At least I can make use of a tiny bit of it.

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