Tuesday 17 May 2016

Natasha Boyd Conservation Area

    Before he died, Carl Boyd bought a quarter section of land that included a huge wetland and other wildlife values and arranged to have it protected for wildlife habitat in memory of his wife Natasha.  Yesterday a group of us walked down to the beaver pond to check out a proposed trail location.  It was my first outing of the season and I was happy to discover walk was short and not at all taxing.   The only problem we encountered were the mosquitoes, that gathered whenever we stopped walking, but they should disappear as the season progresses.
    When we got down to the beaver pond we disturbed a small group of Canadian Geese, a mother duck and her ducklings, and a Sandhill Crane, all of which flew off or swam away.  It was gratifying to see that Carl’s dream of protecting a home for wildlife is working.
    The marsh that you see in the photo is the result of ancient beavers building a long dam to block off the water flow which created the pond.  In the foreground sits a beaver lodge.

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