Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Spoons of Mystery

    Back in March Joan, Skye, and I drove down to Indiana for my mom’s 95th Birthday.  Our cat Lucifer stayed behind to protect our house, and we had Caitlyn, a teenaged neighbor girl, come in and feed her.  Her job included opening cans of cat food and dishing it out.  
    A couple of days after we returned home from our trip, we noticed that we had these two alien spoons amongst our normal set.  We assumed that probably Caitlyn for some reason must have brought them to use while dishing out the cat food.  
    Time passed and although we saw Caitlyn several times since, we always forgot to ask about the spoons.  Finally over the weekend we saw her at the Dunster Yard Sale and asked her if the spoons belonged to her.  We were extremely surprised when she answered “No.”
    Now we are extremely perplexed:  Where did the spoons come from?  How did they get to our house?  Questions that may never be answered.
   Are you missing two spoons?

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