Thursday, 5 May 2016

Little Falls Trail

    We’ve put ourselves into a bind.  Every day at 1:00 our dog Skye insists that we take her for a walk.  This schedule worked out fine during the winter, but now with the days getting hotter, walking the dog in the heat of the day is not a very good idea, but we are not able to communicate that to our insistent dog.  We therefore began to seek out places that might be cooler in the midday sun, and the other day we thought we’d do the walk on the Little Falls Trail that goes along the west side of the Holmes (or Beaver) River.
    All the creeks and rivers in the Robson Valley have two names, a local name (Beaver River) and an official name (Holmes River).  Whatever you call it, the trail starts on the west side of Highway 16 bridge over the Holmes River.  There is a small parking area and the trail is very short and flat (no slopes to climb).  It is about half a kilometer (a quarter of a mile) in length, and takes you through a nice forest with lots of ferns and spruce tree smells, along the rushing river.  Its amazing how quickly it takes you away from the highway and puts into the middle of nature.

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