Tuesday 3 May 2016

The Great Gray Owl Returns

    It seems about once a year we get a visit from the neighborhood’s Great Gray Owl.  Actually, it probably returns more than that, but we only ‘see’ it about once.  We can hear it “whoo, whoo, whooing” up on the mountain quite often in the evening during the spring.
    Every time we do see it, we get concerned about our cat Lucifer, although a friend has told us that Great Grays only eat rodents.  I started to wonder about the accuracy of that yesterday, because we have been having a stray cat hang around our place over the last few days, and this owl did seem to be following her from place to place.  The cat, who is afraid of us, took off when we came outside, and the owl stayed close to the cat, flying over and perching on several branches of the cedar above it.
    The owl finally did leave the cat and moved on to other couple of locations, but I remained suspicious about it and the cat.  
    It is really a big bird and at one point swooped low and silently almost like slow motion, over me.  That was a bit intimidating, but I remain happy to see it every time it appears.

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