Wednesday 31 December 2014

Not Exactly What We Had In Mind, Skye

    Skye’s favorite place is to be all cuddled up on the bed.  Since she is a dog with very short legs, she sometimes has trouble making the leap up to the top of the thick mattress.  Joan had a great idea the other day, “Let’s put the footstool that isn’t being used, beside the bed so Skye can use it as a step, to make it easier for her to get onto the bed.”  
    That was a good idea, so I got the footstool and placed it at the end of the bed.  Then we gave Skye a bit of training so she got used to using the footstool as a step.  Everything seemed fine.
    In the middle of the night, Skye, who had been snoozing on the floor, decided she wanted to be up on the bed.  Suddenly in the darkness, Joan heard a clunk, and some shuffling that she couldn’t understand, and when she turned on the light, she found Skye curled up, not on the bed, but on the tiny footstool.
    I guess in the dark Skye saw enough to jump onto the footstool, once there, in her confused and sleepy mind, she thought she must be on the bed, but couldn’t figure out why it was so small, but she made the best of her situation, and curled up on the tiny new surface.

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