Saturday 13 December 2014


    You are looking at the last of the tomatoes that we grew this summer in the greenhouse.  To be honest, the biggest of these tomatoes disappeared last night onto my side of the pizza.  I don’t remember what date I picked them, but I think it was in late September or early October.    I always find it amazing that tomatoes, which to me seem so fragile and fleeting, can last so many months after are they are picked.
    Most of these tomatoes are a variety called  “Longkeepers.”  As the name implies, they are designed so that you can pick them then just bring them inside and store them on a shelf, and they last and last.  They are sort of an orangish color on the outside, but when you cut into them they are much redder and still juicy inside, and their flavor is a whole lot better than the tasteless things they call “tomatoes” that can be found in the grocery this time of year

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