Friday 19 December 2014

My Junk Drawer

    I don’t know if everyone has a junk drawer, but I have had one (sometimes more than one) throughout my life.  In it I keep all the flotsam that I accumulate, things I no longer use, but that I might some day.  It is full of things I don’t want to get rid of.
    My junk drawer usually has a high percentage of electronic debris (old earphones and buds, a tiny TV,  transistor radios, old rechargeable batteries), jewelry-like items that I never wear (cufflinks, watches, collar pins that I wore in  my high school days), small burnt out flashlights, some hippie bells with beads, a piece of denim (in case I want to patch my jeans), a Civil War bullet, some old belt buckles, empty thread spools, and a wide menagerie of other miscellaneous items.

    Most of the time my junk drawer lies quietly and undisturbed, closed to the world and forgotten, but about twice a year , when I am looking to something, I open it up and rifle through its contents.  Occasionally, I actually find what I am looking for among the jumble of old items from my life.

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