Tuesday 9 December 2014

A Seasonal Solution

    This morning Joan and I faced a dilemma.
    We always have vanilla soy milk on our cereal, and yesterday we finished the carton.  McBride’s only local grocery has not had vanilla soy now for a couple of days, so what was I going to pour over  my morning bowl of cold rolled oats (with flax), prunes, and half a banana?  I have been having the sweeter vanilla soy for so long now, that straight milk seemed like it was going to be pretty harsh.
    Then we remembered the carton of egg nog, that Joan had purchased the other day during a moment of weakness.  Egg nog only shows up around Christmas time, and it seems we always buy a carton.  We wondered if milk, tempered with a bit of the egg nog, might be the solution to our breakfast problem, so we tried it.
    It actually worked pretty well.  It added a bit of thickness and sweetness to the cereal, and was close enough to the taste I usually get from the vanilla soy, that it wasn’t much of an adjustment for my tastebuds.
    Joan will check again at the grocery to see if the vanilla soy has come in, but if it hasn’t, no worries, we have the egg nog. 

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