Monday 15 December 2014

Starting All Over On Winter

    Late in November, it seemed that winter was on us.  The Robson Valley had a huge dump of snow (30 inches or 76 cm), followed by frigid temperatures (-37C, 34F).  Assuming that those situations would continue until break-up in the spring, I settled back prepared to hibernate, interrupted only by having to throw wood into the wood stove   Of course, Mother Nature gets her back up whenever people start assuming things about her, so she then sent us above-freezing temperatures with the accompanying pouring rain and strong wind.
    Now, it seems we are back to where we were in early November.  In the valley bottom the snow has disappeared, and once again we see green lawns.  Hopefully, when winter does starts up with its bluster, the snowthrower I have ordered will have arrived, and I will be able to deal with the next big dump of snow like a gentleman farmer, instead of a peasant, with shovel in hand.

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