Friday 12 December 2014

Letters To Santa

    Yesterday, full of relief, I drove into the Post Office in McBride to mail off my last stack of calendars that serve as my Christmas presents to family and friends.  It always makes me feel so good to be finally be done with that little chore.  While I was standing there waiting for Wendy to total up my final bill ($56), I heard some commotion at the door and turned around to see a teacher and her class from the elementary school file in.
    The class had come to the post office to mail off the letters they had written to Santa.  (The post office has a special mailbox dedicated to Santa.)  The kids took turns putting their precious letters into the box, then after being given a sucker from the postmistress, the class shuffled back out the door.
    If you haven’t yet sent off your letter to Santa, the address is:
                                        North Pole, Canada
    Better get that done, time is moving fast.

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