Saturday 6 December 2014

Deer Dining Spots

    Winter is always hard on deer both because of the increased energy it requires for body heat and mobility, but also because the sources of food becomes very limited.  Our sudden 30 inch (76 cm) dump of snow, late in November, has aggravated the situation.  Our local deer have dug through the deep snow for the fragments of vegetable matter in our compost pile (above) and have also uncovered the snow to get to the small pile of hay I had saved for use in my greenhouse next year (below). 
    The deer have also pushed paths to the bird feeders where they snack on leftover sunflower seeds and peanut butter.
    While I get very frustrated at the damage the deer do to my garden during the summer, I do feel a lot of sympathy for their plight during the winter.  I do not purposely feed them in the winter, but I don’t prevent them from eating what they can find out there.

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