Thursday 13 March 2014

Wrinkled British Columbia

    I have always loved dynamic topography, and dramatic landscapes, it is one of the reasons I live in British Columbia.  It is always a treat to be able to view the expanse of mountains from the air.  While making the flight between Vancouver and Prince George, you can really get a feel at how scrunched-up and wrinkled BC is, as you watch the Coastal Range of mountains jut upward along the Pacific Coast and continue, range after range, as far into the horizon as you can see.  I have often wondered just how big BC would be if you could stretch all the mountains out flat.
    It was around 7:00 in the evening, as I left Vancouver and made the flight the other day.  The sun was setting in the west, and I was sitting on the opposite side of the plane in a window seat, so I could view the ranges all stacked up against each other.  Below me coastal towns were squeezed between the towering mountains and the narrow shoreline.
    Eventually, it registered in my brain, that maybe I should get the camera out and take a few shots.  Here are a few that I took before, the ebbing light and cloud cover obscured the view.

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