Friday 21 March 2014

Tomatoes To Be

    It always seems so counter-intuitive to be planting seeds while it is cold, and there is still so much snow on the ground, but if I want to eat fresh home-grown tomatoes and chili peppers in the summer, I have to plant the seeds now.  The tiny tomato plants are just now starting to peak through the soil, the chili seeds will take a few extra days to germinate.
    Right now, I have these plants in my bedroom under a grow light.  It will be a couple of month’s before my greenhouse will be warm enough for them, so that means a lot of work ahead for me.  First, transplanting the growing plants into bigger pots, and then later, as they get bigger, dragging the pots back and forth, so they can be out in the greenhouse sunshine during the day, and back inside a warm house at night.  
    Its a long process, but I love tomatoes, and having juicy ripe ones to eat is worth the trouble.

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