Saturday 8 March 2014

Safe Passage

     My sister lives on Darmstadt Road.  Darmstadt Road is a dangerous place.  It started out as a meandering country road that snaked its way from farm to farm.  As the countryside slowly became suburban, the road kept its narrow width and curves, even though the amount of traffic increased tremendously.  Speeding makes the road even more dangerous.  A couple of speeders have  been killed in front of my sister's house, as well as a great number of deer and other wildlife.
     As I walked through Jane's yard yesterday, I noticed this trail which dissects her whole large lawn.  It has been made and maintained by a family of raccoons, who figured out that it was a whole lot safer, to go under Darmstadt Road, than to dodge the traffic, scampering across it.  
     Several generations of the critters use the drainage culvert that runs under the road as a tunnel which links the forest across the road to all the gastronomic treasures around my sister' house.

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