Sunday 23 March 2014

Loving The Litter Box

    Lucifer really loves her litter box.  I was reminded of this fact yesterday, when I took the box out for cleaning.  I usually walk it out to our sewage lagoon, and dump the clumps out there.  Yesterday, I grabbed the litter box, opened the front door, and set the box on the bench that sits on the front porch, then I walked back through the house to the carport door to get my coat and boots on.
    Once dressed, I walked out the back door and outside, around to the porch, to pick up the box from the bench.  By the time I got there, Lucifer was already trying to get into it.  I shooshed her away, then took the box, and carried it out to the lagoon.  There, I sifted through the litter with the little yellow slotted shovel, and threw out all the clumps.  I brought the box back to the carport, where I poured in some new cat litter to replace what was taken out. 
    Then I opened the back door, walked into the house, and put the box down on the floor, while I took off my coat and boots.  While I was doing that, I couldn’t believe it--Lucifer, who was now back in the house, was already climbing into the virgin litter to try it out.  Not only did she pee, she also pooped into the box.
    While I waited for her to finish, so I could put the litter box in its rightful place, I grabbed my camera and took the photo.

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