Saturday 29 March 2014

Wild Swans

    I was hoping that by the time I had gotten done with all of the chicken bus stories, that I would be able to report that Spring had arrived in the Robson Valley.  Unfortunately, I can make no such report.  Except for a few wind-blown fields, and a few pockets of open water, all is still ice and snow.  The lack of Spring conditions did not, it seems, deter these trumpeter swans from stopping in to take advantage of this small slough of open water beside the Highway 16, just east of McBride.
    I was pretty thrilled 30 years ago, when I first heard that wild swans stopped here on their way to Alaska and the Yukon.  I had never seen a wild swan before and they sounded pretty exotic to me.  Before yesterday, I had never been so close to them.  Usually, they can just be seen from a distance.

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