Wednesday 5 March 2014


     People always think I make these trips, all the way from the middle of British Columbia to Southern Indiana, to visit with my mother and family, but what I really come for, are Stromboli's--just kidding, of course, but certainly, while I am down here, I feel deprived, if I am not able to go down to the Pizza King restaurant and bite into the fiery sandwich.
     Every time I do go to Pizza King to order a Stromboli and have to hang around waiting for it to come out of the oven, I am struck by just how boring, uninteresting, and unwelcoming the interior their restaurant is, but I'm sure it is not the "atmosphere" of the restaurant that brings their customers in.
      To geologist, "Stromboli" is a volcano in Italy, but ever since I took that first bite, as a university student, of Pizza King's spicy Italian sausage, tomato sauce, cheese, all surrounded with a warm, buttery, submarine-type bun, the term, "Stromboli" conjures up cravings of spicy tastes, and like Pavlov's dog, my saliva starts to flow. 
     I have seen TV shows about the foods that different cities are famous for, and for me, in Evansville, its Pizza King's Stromboli's and Wolf's Barbecue's sandwich that put it on the gastronomic map.

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