Monday 17 March 2014

Death Along the Trail

    I apologize for the graphic photo, but I think it is good to, every once and a while, touch base with the reality of nature.  What you are looking is a discovery I made the other morning, when I was walking the trail.  I saw some tuffs of hair on a small rise beside the trail, and walked over to investigate. I found this carcass of a deer, I assume it was killed by a cougar.  A couple of weeks ago, Joan heard reports of a cougar being in the neighborhood.
    Of course, death is always sad, and especially when it is the death of a seemingly gentle, plant-eating animal, but this is the way nature works, and in the long run, it is good for the deer population that the weaker members be eliminated, and their numbers, kept in check.  And on the other side, cougars have to eat too.
    Despite knowing all this stuff, it was still a shock to come upon this grisly scene, down below our house.

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