Monday 31 March 2014

Grist for the Mill

    In the little Robson Valley community where I live, I am usually introduced as “the guy that draws the cartoons in the paper.”  That seems to be my claim to fame.  One of the most common questions I am always asked is, “How do you come up with all those ideas?”
    It is a complicated question to answer, because there is no single answer to the question.  The ideas come from everywhere.  Things I see, things I hear, sometimes, things just pop into my head, and I have even gotten ideas in my dreams.   Most commonly, the ideas result from something that happens to me in my life.
    If you read my blog of Mar. 23 (Loving the Litter Box), you might be able to figure out where the idea for the cartoon above came from.  Basically, what happened was that our cat Lucifer was so eager to get into her fresh litter box, that she jumped in when I laid it down to take my boots off after cleaning it, not even giving me a chance to put it in its spot.  Usually, I just take a humorous situation, like that, and make it more extreme.  That is what I did in this cartoon.
    I used to do a cartoon every week for the local paper, then late last year, the other local paper asked me if I would do cartoons for them also, so now I am doing two cartoons every week.  This week I have to come up with three cartoons because one of the papers is doing a special issue on volunteerism in the Valley, and wanted two cartoons.  It’s a good thing I am retired and have free time.

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