Thursday 6 March 2014

Winter. Go Away

     Everyone I have spoken to, both down here in Indiana, and up in British Columbia, are singing off of the same page in the hymnal--everyone is tired of winter and want it to just go away.  At least, here in Indiana, the weatherman is promising the trend of warming temperatures, 60 F (15 C), by early next week, but things are still ugly up in my home in McBride.
      I got a phone call from a discouraged Joan yesterday, and I listened guiltily, as she told of -22F (-30 C) temperatures, and having to shovel the drive, and expecting to have to do it again.  She said it was too cold to take the dog out on much of a walk, and both she and the pets, were getting really bored at being housebound.
     Unfortunately, even with all of our complex technology, we humans are still doomed to endure whatever miserable weather is being thrown at us.

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