Sunday 30 March 2014

Something to Talk About

    Joan and I drove into McBride yesterday, actually Joan had started out to do it in the morning, but Mountain View Road was just to dangerous with a buildup of slushy snow, so she turned around.  Even though it hadn’t been plowed in the meantime, some of the snow on the road had started to melt in the afternoon, so we decided to try the trip again.
    Once in town, we made a couple of stops.  It seemed that every conversation we had, started with a complaint about the weather--and our fresh dump of snow on top of all the other snow that we still have on the ground.  Weather is always a good way to find consensus around here.
    I confess it is usually the topic I begin with whenever I want to start a conversation.  I’m not sure what I would say if I lived in one of those places that just get sunny warm weather, day after day, after day.  Fortunately, that is something I don’t really have to worry about.

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