Saturday 1 June 2024

Dumping the Recycling into the Trash

    We, like a majority of people in the Robson Valley, have been recycling for decades.  Because of McBride’s distance from urban centers, what we can recycle is limited.  We cannot recycle glass for instance, but we have been able to recycle, our cans, plastic food containers, and paper.  Those products are then sent to Prince George to be recycled, or at least they were.

    Because the trucking company, is no longer interested in hauling those things, we now have no option, except to put those formally recycled items in the trash.  The end of the recycling hauling was supposed to terminated today, so yesterday, I made a special trip to the dump to drop what we had, off.  Sadly, when I got there, I was told that the trucking company had done their last haul days ago, so the photo shows that the cans and containers we had washed and saved to be recycled, going into the trash bin.

    It seems that Recycle BC is making some big changes, and I am not at all optimistic the changes will make things better for McBride.  It has already been indicated that Dunster, the hamlet east of McBride, will lose all their recycling operation, and McBride’s will be downgraded.  The new system will not come into effect until October, so I guess until then, all of the formally recycled items will just go into the trash containers.

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