Monday 3 June 2024

Its a Kitten !

    One day after leaving the Forestry office, as I was about to bicycle home, I met my neighbor Kjell, who was also starting to bike home, so we made the ride together.  When we started through the wooded “Moccasin Flats” area, down by the Fraser River, I thought I heard a yelp/screech sound  coming from the bush at the edge of the road.  I pulled my bike over, got off, and went to investigate.

        I didn’t really know what to expect, but what I found was a tiny Siamese kitten.  Sadly, our rural road seems to be one of those places where people from town go to dump the cats they don’t want.  I took pity on the poor thing, and brought it home (actually it was Kjell, who put it in the pannier bag on his bike to carry the kitten home).  Once at home, I took tiny critter to my barn and made it a cozy bed using a blanket in a basket.  I also gave it some food to eat.

    When I checked on the kitten the next morning, it seemed to have adopted the barn as its home.  When I opened the barn door to let the goats outside into to the paddock, a panicked mouse ran right past the kitten, who instinctively turned and sort of chased after the mouse, which I thought was a good sign for a barn cat.   In the afternoon when I got home from work that day, the kitten was asleep in its basket, so it seemed to have established itself in the barn.

    The next day when I let the goats into the pasture, I grabbed the kitten and carried it out there with them, so it could get some sunshine.  It played around entertaining itself in the grass.  Then I noticed that the goats had begun to go through a hole in the fence trying to get into the garden.  I ran over to chase them out of the garden and back into the pasture.  Once I had them back in the pasture, I  realized the kitten was no longer there. 

         I began calling calling the cat, but I didn’t really know if  it would respond to a call, but amazingly, it did and began mewing and walking toward me from the direction of the house.  

    I approached it, stooped over grabbing it, and then stood up.  When I stood up, a hawk I hadn’t noticed, panicked and flew away.  Then I noticed that a Golden Eagle had just landed on the top of the big spruce tree near the house, it too then took off.  I’m pretty sure they both were after the little kitten for their supper.

From then on, I kept a better watch over the little kitten when it was outside.

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