Sunday 9 June 2024

Farewell To The Trailer That Got Us Here

    The eyesore utility trailer that you see in the photo, has certainly played an important part in our lives.  It is what carried all the possessions we brought with us, when we immigrated to Canada (list below).  It also hauled those possessions from one place in BC to another, until we finally settled down after buying our house in McBride.   Then it hauled firewood and hay, until we finally retired it and let it rest in this spot for at least 35 years.  

    However, our needs change, and so yesterday I stripped all of the wood from the metal frame, in order that I can get the iron frame cut into pieces, which will then allow me to take iron to the metal recycling bin at the dump.

    It is interesting how attached we can get to the inanimate objects that have been useful and shared a good part of our lives.  I do have affection for this old utility trailer that my father gave me, but the time of its usefulness has ended.  It was sitting in an area that I need to clear in order to protect my shop from forest fires.

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