Thursday 31 August 2023

The Bear Beat Us Again

    Every Fall we have to play a game with timing.  The apples are starting to mature on the trees, but they are not quite ready yet, and at the same time, if we wait a day (or night) too long, the bear will sneak in and take them, tearing up the apple tree as he does. 

    Well, when I walked out this morning, I saw that we were too late in picking the apples; the bear had beaten us again, leaving the poor apple tree bare and trashed.  

    This had already been a very hard year for our apple trees.  The spring and summer were extremely dry and hot and the trees suffered.  They hardly had any leaves on them and very few apples.    Now I will have to saw off the tree’s main branch and hope that the tree doesn’t give up totally.

    It is pretty frustrating trying to grow fruit trees so close to Nature.

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