Saturday 19 August 2023

"And I Believe That Mother Nature Is Taking Us To School"

    That is a line from Don Henley’s song, “Praying For Rain” and this summer it sure seems that that is the case.  Summer used to be a time I looked forward to, but over the last four years, I have slowly started to be a little wary, as summer approached, and certainly that wariness will increase after what the world experienced this summer.

    The Hawaiian town of Lahaina, is gone, a hundred dead and a thousand missing, 20,000 people have been evacuated from Yellowknife as a massive fire approached, and yesterday 15,000 people were placed under evacuation in Kelowna, BC as a fire burning on one side of a huge lake, jumped to the other side.  We were even forced to evacuate our own home in early May, when a forest fire raged across the mountain we live under.  

    If it is not fires that are threatening the world, it is floods.  News broadcasts, that used to have a story or two about weather disasters, now fill the first third of their broadcasts with extreme weather stories, and I fear that the world has now turned a corner and is showing us the future.

    We have ignored the warnings of scientists for too long now.   Big oil spent millions trying to throw doubt on climate change so they could keep making money.   Their attempts worked, now we are all starting to pay the price.

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  1. On the other side, could it be God and we are paying for the hell of humanity we have become?

  2. Not necessarily a believer, just look at more sides than one .

  3. Love Don Henley. That smoke looks SO dense and close.