Monday 28 August 2023

A Mariachi Evening

        In 1987 I had a stopover in Mexico City on my way to Guatemala.  I decided to spend the evening wandering and sightseeing.

In the evening, I made my way down to Plaza Garibaldi, where I had learned that Mariachi bands congregated at night playing for fees.  It was a warm humid evening, and the park was illuminated with colorful lightbulbs strung above the plaza.  I heard the Mariachi music as I approached, then through the crowd I spotted several bands with their oversized wide-rimmed Mexican hats, dressed in their fancy ornate outfits, busy strumming their unique rhythms and singing in their extroverted vocal style.  As I worked my way through the very crowded plaza, I traveled through the various songs being performed by the different Mariachi bands scattered amongst the milling crowd.

I came upon one old Mexican couple seated on the park bench who had paid to be serenaded by a band. When they noticed that I was enjoying the music, they waved me over to sit with them, which of course, I did.  I was very touched by the kindly couple’s generous and welcoming invitation to join them during the music.  During one song, the elderly woman got up, and sang along with the band.   When the song’s chorus came around, her husband got up and tried to dance with her.  

That evening in Mexico City’s Garibaldi Plaza with the Mariachi bands and the friendly elderly couple, became one of my special travel memories, popping up every time I hear Mariachi music or any reference to it.

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  1. I believe they thought of you as well. What a special memory .