Tuesday 8 August 2023

It's Tuesday, But Let It Rain

    All week long I watch the weather forecast for Tuesday.   Tuesday is the night that we jam on the McBride Train Station porch, something we all enjoy doing, but if it’s rainy, then we play inside the rather dark, Canadian Legion Hall.  Well today is Tuesday, and just like the forecast has been saying it would be, it is raining.  The photo shows some raindrops on our garden’s Scarlet Runner Bean bush. 

    While this situation used to get me down, this summer it is not, because it has been so hot and dry, and we really need the precipitation.  The clayish soil in my garden has cracks in it due to the dryness.  Even more distressing is that the flow of Sunbeam Creek, where we get our water, diminished to the point where the water level in our culvert has gotten so low that water no longer flowed into our intake.  I had to re-arrange the rocks and boulders on the falls above our culvert to channel more water into the culvert.  The culvert is still not overflowing as it normally does, but at least we have water again.

    So it looks like we will e doing our music in the Legion Hall instead of outside, but I am happy to make the sacrifice, if it means we will be getting some rain.  One of the songs we have been doing often at the Jam this summer is Don Henley’s “Praying for Rain.”


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