Saturday 12 August 2023

I'm Afraid to Update

     See the blue icon in the photo?  That’s for the App Store and the red circle with “54” in it tells me that I have fifty-four apps on my iPad that need updating.  I used to update apps immediately when they changed, but not any more.  To me it seems that every update just gives me more bells and whistles and the app, that used to be simple and straight forward to use, just gets worse.  

    I do most of my reading on my iPad.  It used to be when I wanted to turn a page, I would just swipe the screen from the right side, just like I would with a book, but suddenly, thanks to an “update” in the operating system, when I swipe, instead of turning the page, half of the window on my screen is now covered with the last place I was at on the internet, (in the example below, Costco).  It is extremely frustrating after years of turning the page by swiping right, I now have to first get rid of the internet screen and then either swipe from the middle or quickly hit the right side of the screen with my finger to turn the page.  


    For years I have gone to the Apple News app for news.  I would just touch the Apple News icon and the news stories would come up.  Now, after an “Update”, whenever I touch the Apple News icon, the page does come up, but now strung-up along the bottom of the page, are a bunch of small pages.  I suppose they are to take you to different news stories, but they are extremely slow in loading, and are so small I can’t really read what they are about anyway, so now, I have to touch the screen again to make them go away, and often when I touch the screen, the story on the screen where I touched comes up, filling the screen.  Often it is not a story I want to read, so again I am forced to touch the screen, to get rid of it.

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    Most apps used to be very straight forward: they were quick and simple.  Now, so many bells and whistles featuring things I never use have been added, that I am continually having to touch the screen to make them disappear.  As a result, I am now very wary of updating apps.  More likely than not, it will leave me with an app that is worse than the app it replaces.

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