Sunday 20 August 2023

I Wonder If She Has Actually Been Catching Some

    Here is a shot of Kona, the Mighty Huntress, patiently seeking out her prey.  Hunting mice has become the activity of choice for Kona over the summer.  In the house, she is still very impatient and demanding, but whenever she is outside, she will spend a half an hour at a time, not moving, just staring down into a clump of weeds, listening for a mouse.

    Kona used to enjoy our walks around the pond, but now she just gets as far as the pasture, then stops to hunt, leaving us alone to continue the walk.  

    Whenever she begins hunting, we leave her to it and go to do other things, but now I have become suspicious and have begun to wonder if Kona actually catches and eats mice.  She always seemed to be hungry and eager to eat when in the house, but now when she comes in, she often passes up her bowl of food, seemingly not interested in eating until an hour or so later.  Maybe her appetite has already been sated with a crunchy, juicy mouse.

    Anyway, it is nice that she now, often does something on her own, instead of constantly demanding our attention.

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