Monday 14 August 2023

Geez, Not Smoke Again

    It was an unexpected downer to take that first look at the mountains this morning and see a blanket of smoke obscuring the peak.  I am finding these summers of smoke depressing, and like everyone else in the world, I find myself wishing that the weather would return to the way it used to be.   And while I know my complaint is petty compared with what other people in the world are experiencing these days, the forest fire smoke we are forced to breathe, will impact our health.

    Presently there are over 400 forest fires burning in BC.   The forest fire smoke we get comes in two forms.  Today it is a high thick blanket, so I am assuming that it is from a fire away from our valley, but not too far away.  The other type of smoke, which is more depressing and dangerous, is a very dense haze that comes all the way to the ground, partially obscuring nearby trees, and totally obscuring the mountains.     That smoke generally comes from huge fires, very far away.

    I guess I should be happy that today we are only getting the high, thick blanket smoke, instead of the worse kind, but still, I fear for the summers to come in the future, and I do foolishly wish we could return to the weather that we used to get in the summer.  

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