Tuesday 15 August 2023

Opposite Wishes

    Back in 1977,  we had saved a lot of money from 4 years of teaching, but we didn’t have a home, so we decided I would resign from the teaching job I had in a place that I hated, buy a place in an area that we liked, move there, and then look for a job.  We ended up buying our five acre hobby farm and moving to McBride, where we met our neighbor Kjell.  Kjell was a teacher, who loved his free time much more than his job.  

    Since I was unemployed I spent my days whipping our new place into order.  Early one morning I was out in our chaotic old barnyard full of miscellaneous pens, cleaning up the place.  Kjell was driving past our property on his way to school and as he passed, he looked down at me and waved.  I saw him and waved back.

    He later told me that when he spotted me out there, he thought, “That lucky guy, gets to stay home all day.”  

    That remark seemed ironic when he told me, because when I was standing there as he drove past, I looked up and was thinking, “That lucky, guy has a well paying job to go to”.

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