Friday 18 August 2023

Autumn: A Month Early

    It seems that many of the plants we have around here have had enough of the hot, dry weather and are moving themselves into autumn-mode, regardless of what the calendar says.  Above are two photos of our Boston Creeper.  The photo on the left was taken last year in September, while the one on the right, I took a couple of days ago.  The creeper’s leaves are turning a whole month earlier than normal.

    While most of our plants are not “pushing the envelope” as obviously as the creeper, their seasonal cycles have been quicker this year.  Already, bears have been causing problems around the province, because all of the berries have gone, leaving them hungry and searching for food, with still months to go before their hibernation.   Also impacting the bears (and other wildlife), are the hundreds of forest fires that have destroyed their ranges and food.

    I too, am starting to feel autumn early.  The other day when I was outside working, it felt like one of those beautiful fall days.  Most of the trees still have green leaves, but the leaves of the Cottonwoods are yellowing.  

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