Friday 25 August 2023

My Amazing Corn Crop

    In the photo above you can see one-third of my corn crop.  Yes, that’s right, one-third.  I planted a whole row of corn, but only three stalks came up.  This is the only stalk that actually produced an ear.  I hope that the ear will continue to develop into something that I can eat.

    Corn is always a chancy vegetable to grow up here because of our short and cool growing season.  This summer was an exception because it was very hot, but like I said, unfortunately for me, only three stalks came up.  Many gardeners here start their corn in the house then transplant it outside, therefore they usually get a good corn crop.

    The only reason corn exists is because of the amazing agricultural abilities of the American Indians, who through careful breeding, were able to evolve a grass-like plant into what we have today that we know is corn.  Surprisingly, they bred the corn for so long and thoroughly that corn can no longer reproduce itself naturally, it has to be planted by humankind.  Its husk prevents it from reproducing on its own.  

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