Wednesday 16 August 2023

On De-Fence

    It’s deja vu all over again.  On yesterday’s blog there was a 45 year old photo of me working to clear up the old mess in our barn yard.  Amazingly, although I don’t have a photo showing me doing it, I am currently at work, doing the same thing:  Cleaning up the old mess in the barn yard.  Before, I was cleaning up the mess that the previous owner had made; this time it I am cleaning up the mess that I have made.

    Forty-five years ago, I spent days and days, buying lumber, fence posts, and rolls of metal page-wire fencing, then working to put up the fence, to create a paddock for first; horses, and then later Angora goats.  All those animals are now gone and there has been nothing in the paddock for years.  Since there was no need for keeping up the fences, being lazy, I let them deteriorate, and deteriorate they did.

    Now, in an attempt to reduce the fire hazard around our house, I am tearing down the already half-way falling down fences.  It is a job complicated by the wire fencing that you can’t see in the photo, but is nailed to the cross boards of the fence and the fence posts.  As I deconstruct the fence, I am pulling out all of the nails I used, to put into the metal recycling.  Anyway, it all makes for a time consuming job.

    When one is building something, they tend to forget about how time slowly deteriorates everything, and the huge amount of maintenance it requires to keep things useable.  As I age, I am recognizing this truth, more and more.

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