Monday 31 July 2023

A Look at the Forest Fire Damage

    Ever since our forest fire flamed across the mountain beside our house on May 5th, I have been curious about what that burnt area now looked like.  The fire burned across 1,500 acres (600 Ha.) of the McBride Peak and Teare Mountain slopes, leaving some areas above and below it, untouched.  There is a narrow bumpy road up the side of McBride Peak and Saturday we took advantage of the clear day to explore what the fire had left behind.  In the photo above you can see what it looks like at one point along the road up the mountain.

    The roots of the Aspen trees beneath the ground were undamaged by the fire and still alive, so quickly sent up new shoots so they could get back into business.  I was surprised to see how tall some of the new trees already were.   That is McBride in the valley below, peaking through the burnt trees.

    In some places the fire burned hotter than in other places.  Here the trees looked charred and all of the duff and mosses that once covered the ground burned away, leaving the rocks, once hidden, bone white.

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