Sunday 30 July 2023

Thanks Big Brother, But I Know How To Get There

    Every Friday afternoon at 1:30 I go to the library for our Writer’s Group gathering.    I have lived here for 45 years and we live only about 5 miles from our tiny village, so I pretty much know my way around.  Last Friday, about an hour and a half before the Writer’s Group, my phone, trying to be helpful, pinged me and put up a map to show me how to get to the library.  It showed me the most direct route, which is a bit strange because there is only one way I could go to get there.

    Once I was at the Writer’s Group and opened my iPad that I use for my writing, a message appeared on my iPad that said something like:

      “At this time and place you generally use “Pages” (a writing software).  Do you want to open it now?” and provided the icon for Pages to make my life easier.

    It all made me wonder how I ever survived without all of this complicated technology, making my life easier.

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1 comment:

  1. I am afraid a day is coming when all this easiness makes us "too dumb to wipe our own noses."